Sunday, November 01, 2009

Matching Hats? Vomit.

So Australian Idol is on right now, and as I watch it, I'm finding myself disturbingly attracted to Joel Madden. Or is it Benji? No, it's Joel. Or is it? Because they're twins, you know.
I guess I should explain why I'm talking about Australian Idol and Joel/Benji Madden in the same sentence: well, they're guest judging. There. Explanation over. Now back to the attraction thing - I'm not sure what it is. No, that's a lie. I know exactly what it is. It's the tattoos. Oh baby, oh baby. Who knew I was so into guys with tattoos? I can't be sure, but I suspect it has something to do with Wentworth Miller appearing on my TV screen 4 years ago with a plan to break out of prison and a full chest of ink. Oh, my gosh. Listen to me. I'm nuts!Can you imagine if I published a personal ad?
Crazed prison-drama fan seeks 31-year-old structural engineer with incarcerated brother and full upper-body tattoo. Non-smokers preferred.
Haha. Call me!
Now, back to the issue at hand...Joel Madden?
Huh? What? How? When did that happen? I mean, the guy isn't bad looking, but he's certainly no Wentworth. He's wearing a pork-pie hat, for crying out loud!! Which, admittedly, wouldn't be so horrendous, except for the fact that his brother Benji is also wearing a pork-pie hat.
And sitting next to him.
And the hats match.
And they're sitting next to each other.
In matching hats.

I can't decide who my favourite Idol contestant is. Nor whether or not I actually care enough to choose a favourite. I think if I did, it would be Hayley or Nathan. Hayley is good. She's a good singer. And Nathan kind of looks like a young version of Rachel Zoe's husband Rodger, which is just amusing to me.

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