Monday, November 23, 2009

Another hilariously ridiculous question, this one from my sister Catherine:

Hey, I have a question: Why are you such a self-obsessed idiot on your blog?
So what I think you're asking is why - on my blog - I talk so much about myself and all the crazy shit that happens to me. And you are also wondering why I am such an idiot.

Well, I don't think 'self-obsessed' is the right term. I think I'm just giving the people what they want! Why? Well, notice the address of my blog:
I mean, if you willingly click onto a website that has the words 'Jacki', 'Is' and 'Crazy' in the title, I am assuming you want to hear at least one thing about Jacki and whatever it is that makes her so crazy. Am I right? Plus it's not as if every post is about me - this last one was pretty much all Victor Garber. And the one before that was mostly New Moon.
As for the idiot thing, I have no answer. Except that if I'm an idiot, so are you, because we're sisters and I'm pretty sure idiocy is genetic.

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