Monday, November 16, 2009

It was effing hot today. Here's what I want to know: how come even on those days that it gets to like 40 degrees, you only start to notice the heat once you get out of bed? I could lie snuggled in my doona until midday and be totally comfortable, but as soon as my feet touch the floor it's like BAM!
Is this just me? Is this just my bed?
Maybe my bed is the portal to another dimension. A cooler dimension.

Speaking of things that happen in bed, last night I had a dream that I made out with Jacob Black from The Twilight Series at Julia's circus-themed birthday party.
I know.
There are so many awesome things about that sentence, I really don't know where to begin. Dream? Making out? Twilight Series? Circus-themed birthday party? Julia??
Anyway, I enjoyed it. The making out. I enjoyed it. Which was weird to me, because I'm usually not a fan of Jacob Black - I'm strictly an Edward Cullen girl, always have been. Whatever - they're both hot. I'm not complaining.
Here are some other crazy dreams I have had recently:

  • That I won Australian Idol
  • That I could breathe underwater
  • That my good friend Gem Goodwin had a split-personality disorder, and one of her "alter egos" was a serial killer who dressed up as a clown

Wow. What the hell is my subconcious trying to tell me?
Subconcious? Are you there? What are you saying, you crazy bastard?
Oh, and another thing: the make-out dream was much appreciated, but next time could you use Wentworth Miller instead of Jacob?

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