Sunday, November 29, 2009

Secret Catherine Blog

Hi, it's me.
I'm back.
I know I only blogged like, 75 seconds ago, but I just can't get enough.
Oh, wow, do you know I've posted 3 blogs today? That is alot, especially considering the first sentence of one read something along the lines of "I have nothing to say that will entertain you today."
Well, I only have a couple of things left to talk about. The first is that Saw V is on tonight. I'm trying to figure out what V means in roman numerals, because until I know, I won't be sure if I've seen this one or not. I would ask my sister, but she is currently ignoring me.
Oh! That's the other thing I had to talk about. Apparently, me saying that if there is any justice in the world, all of Catherine's hair will fall out is really offensive. She is mad. She says I'm not allowed to blog about her anymore, so from now on if you want to hear about Catherine and her insane escapades, you'll have to read them on my Secret Catherine Blog.
By the way, that is a link to nowhere. There is no Secret Catherine Blog. Why would I put all that shit on a free website, when I could publish it in a book and make a million dollars?

My Mum is thinking about buying an iPod. Yeah, she doesn't have one yet. She's pretty behind the times. I mean, she's ahead of my Dad, but my Dad is a caveman, so that's not saying much. Anyway, I hope she does end up getting one, because I anticipate that watching her try to use it will be hilarious. Kind of like watching Dad try to work the DVD player - there's alot of screaming and crying and bashing in of other people's heads with a baseball bat.
No, I joke. That's abuse. He doesn't bash people with a bat, he just kicks the crap out of them.

How come old people don't know how to do stuff like listen to iPods or use DVD players? Is it because they didn't have iPods and DVD players in their day, or just because when humans pass a certain age they forget how to do everything except drink whiskey and shake their fists at unruly teenagers?
That is a million dollar question. Seriously, if you answer that question, I will give you a million dollars. I am lying about the million dollars of course, but I still think you should answer me. Or not. Whatever, just make sure you visit the Secret Catherine Blog.

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