Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I have nothing to blog about. Give me a topic, bitches!! Ho hum...let's was Melbourne Cup today. I won 5 bucks. My horse came third - I'd like to think I played a substantial part in this victory.
I actually didn't watch the race itself, because I was too busy saving the life of a small child who had fallen into our pool. No, okay, that's not entirely accurate; I was just rushed off my ass with piles and piles of schoolwork.
Also a lie. I was watching A Nightmare On Elm Street II. Whatever.

What else? I had this conversation with my sister, which you may find entertaining:
Jacki: I know what I want for Christmas.
Catherine: Great.
Jacki: From you.
Catherine: Huh?
Jacki: From you. I know what I want for Christmas from you.
Catherine: Fine. What is it?
Jacki: Well I don't know if you've read my blog recently, but there's this book coming out, and it's called Prison Break -
Catherine: Oh, here we go...
Jacki: (Continues as if she never interrupted) it's called Prison Break: Behind The Scenes, and -
Catherine: (Groans) Oh no.
Jacki: Oh yes! 200 glossy pages of sweet PrisonBreak-y goodness, my friend. It's everything I never needed to know about Wentworth, but always wanted to.

Catherine: You need help.
Jacki: Maybe. But not as much as I need this book.

See, this is what I'm talking about when I say me and Catherine need our own reality show. So what if we're not talented or super-famous or intelligent or attractive? Hardly anybody on reality TV is. At least Catherine and I know the difference between tuna and chicken.
Well...I do.

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