Monday, November 23, 2009

Victor Garber! Victor Garber! Victor Garber!

Good Morning, Sydney!
I was going to blog about how hot it was yesterday, but I decided it'd be pointless; you guys were there. You know. It was freaking hot! It was like, "My eyeballs have melted out of their sockets" hot. Like, "The sun is blistering my skin" hot. Like, "I think my chest hair just caught on fire!" hot. I don't have any chest hairs, but I'm sure if I did they'd have caught on fire yesterday. I remember walking home from Lane Cove and at one point crossing the road without looking, because I didn't even care if I got hit by a car. I thought, "Well, if I get hit by a car, at least I can get out of this damn heat."
No, I joke. Actually, the reason I wouldn't mind being hit by a car is because it would probably mean not having to finish my final collection for college. Gah! I know I've been all cool-as-a-cucumber about it so far, but I anticipate some sort of mental breakdown in the next couple of days. If I had to guess, I'd say Wednesday will see the worst of it. Yep. Watch out Wednesday, there's a big old crazy front coming in from the south.
Huh. I guess I did end up blogging about it. The heat. Also the fact that I'm crazy, but mostly the heat. So I said I wouldn't do something, and then I did it - what else is new? Again, it was freaking hot. Did anybody drink milk? I hope not. It would have been a bad choice.

So anyway. I'm watching the final episode of Alias right now, and - SPOILER ALERT -
Victor Garber
just died. Holy crap, is this the saddest moment of TV ever? Well, no. But top 50 for sure. Victor Garber is amazing. If I could choose my own TV-father, it would either be Victor Garber or the dude from Titanic who fixes a clock and then dies. Who was that again? Oh yeah, it was Victor Garber. Victor Garber, you rock my freaking world! If I were 20 years older, and you were 20 years younger and named Wentworth Miller, it would be on.
It would be so on.

Speaking of Alias...has there ever been a more ridiculously complicated show on Television? Has there? I say there hasn't. I probably wouldn't have watched it all the way through except that there is a character named Michael, and everyone knows I'm a total sucker for anyone named Michael. Also, Victor Garber is in it. Did I mention how much I love Victor Garber?
Victor Garber! Victor Garber! Victor Garber!
Damn, I hope Victor Garber is one of those celebrities who Googles themselves - because if he is, he'll probably find this, read it, and either be totally freaked out or set himself a mission to become my best friend.
And just so you know Victor, I am cool with either of those options.

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