Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Audio Pot

Okay, I know my experience of them live at ParkLife totally contradicts the following statement, but I gotta put this out there: Empire Of The Sun blows my freaking mind hole.
I can't get enough.
I just can't get enough. I just can't get enough. Get it? Like the song? Whatever, I'm high.

No, that's a joke. I'm not really high. I could be though - that's how Empire Of The Sun makes me feel. Stoned. In a good way. It's like audio pot. Soundtrack for stoners. Marijuana music. Enough?
I actually feel like a bit of a gimp writing this; having never actually smoked marijuana myself, I can't say for sure that listening to Empire Of The Sun is akin to getting high.
I may have to consult an actual pot-head on this matter. Hmmm. I wonder if Kristen Stewart is available.

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