Tuesday, June 29, 2010

When The Trew Sisters Talk Underwear

(While watching The Hangover)

Jacki: I don't understand those undies. What...? Just why?
Catherine: It's called a jockstrap.
Jacki: Yeah but why would you wear that? I mean, what does that do for a guy? How does that make them happier in their day?
Catherine: I think it's for gay guys.
Jacki: What do you mean you think its for g....(realisation dawns) Ohhhhh!
Catherine: Yeah.
Jacki: Well that's even more retarded! What, a gay guy can't wait the extra three seconds it takes for his boyfriend to disrobe? They have to just go at it straight away?


Jacki: And more importantly, how come there's no girl version?!

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