Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Running Bare-Assed

I was going to post about this as a response to someone's status update on Facebook. But since I don't actually know them that well, I thought it might be a bit embarrassing. Yes, I thought, it makes much more sense to just blog about it for millions and millions of strangers to see.
I'm an idiot.
Did anyone watch State Of Origin just now? Yeah, neither did I. I get that it's patriotic and entertaining and important to like 80% of the male population, but I just have no interest in seeing the state of NSW being humiliated like that. Again. Plus the guys aren't even that hot. I will say this though: the fights are pretty damn funny. When that first one broke out about 20 minutes in, I may or may not have run bare-assed from the bathroom to the lounge in order to see it.

Speaking of running bare-assed...aah, I'm just kidding. I can only wish my life was interesting enough that I would have something else to say about the topic of running without pants on. As it is, I do not. Speaking of pants though, I wore some to work today. And speaking of work (worst segue ever?)'s been almost 3 months since I began work at Toni&Guy, and I'm finally at the stage where I really feel that I fit in. Or to be more accurate, where I really feel that it's appropriate for me to make jokes like this:

My Boss: Jacki, have you had a look at the printer?
Me: Uh, no...why?
My Boss: Well it's jammed. And it says that the jam is in this ink cartridge that nobody can find...So do you think you could have a look, see if you could find it?
Me: Oh sure, no worries.
My Boss: Cool. I mean, everyone else has had a look, so you may as well too, right?
Me: Sure. And if I do find it, you'll give me a raise, right?
My Boss: Hahaha.
Me: Hahaha.
My Boss: Hahaha. No.

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