Sunday, June 13, 2010

I will never take living with my parents for granted again.
Oh, my gosh.
I get that I'm 20 and I have a job and I can drive and I should really know all the stuff that typical grown-ups know, like that you have to BUY food, that leaving the TV on all night will probably piss off the neighbours, and that if your cat decides to take a giant dump in the middle of the living room, she's not very well going to clean it up herself - you have to clean it up. But as it turns out, I'm an idiot. Who knew living by yourself was such hard work? I sure didn't. Well, except for the cat poo thing. That's pretty much a given. But the other stuff?

I'm living like a homeless person. The only difference being that I'm not actually homeless. Still, I feel that at this point a cardboard box on the street would probably be more comfortable than my freezing pig-sty of a bedroom. Trust Mother Nature to wait until my parents leave me alone for 3 weeks to unleash the coldest winter in 400 years. That bitch has had it in for me for years.

In other news, I just heard about Australia's horrendous loss to Germany (Germany? Yeah, Germany) in the Fifa World Cup. 4 nil? As if that's not bad enough, Tim Cahill was sent off and Harry Kewell didn't even play! What's that all about? Now, I'm no expert on soccer...but it seems pretty obvious to me that a team who leaves their best looking player on the bench has no chance of winning whatsoever. I mean, that's just simple physics. Get it together Australia!

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