Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Torrid Love Affair Continues

Yeah, I'm at it again.

So I was watching Twilight: New Moon on DVD last night (as all the cool kids do on a Saturday evening) when I realised something. I am neither Team Edward NOR Team Jacob. And I don't know...maybe this is just the result of over-exposure to Taylor Lautner's abs, maybe it's because I've been living on caffeine and Mi Goreng noodles for the past 72 hours...but last night, I found myself siding with THIS dude:

Right? RIGHT? Screw vampires and warewolves, I'm all for Team Mike. Not just because it continues the weird fixation I have that's caused me to fall in love with almost every Mike/Mick/Michael I've known since I was 11, but also because dating him is pretty much the only option that won't result in death or a cross-species pregnancy.
Of course, since by some bizarre twist of fate I've managed to convince the best-looking man in the Australian Navy that dating me would be a good idea, the whole thing is a moot point. I'm just saying.

Speaking of the best-looking man in the Australian Navy...yeah, I'm not allowed to. Apparently internet blogging and matters concerning the defence of our nation don't exactly mix. So in case you ever wonder why I spend all of my time writing about television and how bad I am at my job instead of him, that's the reason. It's not because he doesn't exist. Or because he does exist but only hangs out with me when my Mum pays him to. Although if you saw us standing next to each other, I could understand how you might think that. I'm kidding! No, I'm not. My point is...I don't have a point. Isn't that always my point? Moving on.

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