Monday, June 07, 2010

This is going to be pointless, but I'd like to post once more before I have to go back to work for another week and can only dream about blogging pointless things.
Okay, so, Today Tonight.
I get that - despite labelling itself as a news and current affairs program - TT is supposed to focus more on human interest pieces than actual news, but would it really be so difficult for them to take one night off from reporting about suburban termite infestations and inflated grocery prices and tell me something I actually want to know? Yes, Coles is screwing me over. I get it. You only had to say it once.
I've noticed lately that I am infinitely more bitchy on my blog than I am in person. I don't know why this is, but in case you've never actually met me, you should know - I don't hate everything. Actually, it's fair to say I don't really hate anything. Except for you, of course.
I'm kidding. I couldn't hate someone I've never met! And when we do eventually meet each other, I'll do my best to disguise it.

So last Friday night I went to see Sex And The City 2 with Ellen after work. Yay! It's not great, but after 9 hours of shampooing, answering phones and sweeping up hair, I was in no position to complain about a whole 120 minutes where all I had to concentrate on was shoes and clothes. And the complimentary mini-bottles of champagne that came with our tickets. Afterwards (and despite the fact that I had work at 8am the next day), Ellen convinced me to join her at Chelsea Bar for a drink.
One drink. And it was only 10pm. That's not so bad, right?
4 hours, 5 Jager Bombs, 2 lollypops and a glass of white wine later, I was starting to reconsider. But it was Jagermeister Night and every time I thought about finding a cab, the Jager Girls would walk by with scratchies and offer me a chance to win something else. So on the plus side, I went home with a keyring, a camera and a t-shirt. On the minus side though, I went home looking like this:
It's times like these I'm really thankful to be young and female and 70% caffeine. Because I'm sure at least one of those has something to do with my ability to skip hangovers.
Anyway, like I said to Ellen earlier, I was way chirpier on Saturday than I had any right to be. Perhaps too chirpy. Actually, I'm sure a few of the clients assumed I was high or something - especially the young man I offered to make 'cea' or 'toffee' for. Aah, good times.
So yesterday was my Dad's 100-and-somethingth birthday. Oh, I'm kidding. I think. Anyway, it was also the day after he and my Mum left for a 3-week trip to Canada. Only apparently he told his work he was taking sick leave rather than a holiday, since I got like 5 phone calls from concerned family members. I couldn't decide what was weirder - that they knew he had taken sick leave, or that they waited until his birthday to call and ask him about it. The fact that I had no freakin' clue what any of them were talking about made me look like a great daughter I'm sure. Well, whatever. I'm just glad they didn't actually drop around, cause even though Mum and Dad've only been gone for like 3 days our house is already trashed. Completely. I'm actually thinking about moving just to avoid cleaning it up. One lesson I've learnt from all this: I can never live alone. Or if I do, it'll be without food, clothing or pets.
Well. Something to look forward to I guess.

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