Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Guys In Suits And Bike Helmets...Making Out

Oh my gosh, okay. I have discovered three equally awesome and hilarious things today:
1) Simon Cowell has an extreme amount of arm hair.
2) I...wait, dammit! I totally forgot number 2. Um...we'll come back to this later.
and 3) One of the first photos that comes up in when one searches the phrase '' is of two guys in suits and bike helmets making out. Oh, my. Oh, yes. Don't believe me? Well check it for yourself.

Okay I totally don't trust that you guys are gonna check it for yourselves. So here it is:

Haha. Told ya!
Just for future reference, that's the second photo that comes up. I have no idea why or in what situation you would be referencing this conversation in the future, but yeah. The first photo that comes up is of two G.I Joe dolls standing on a dead squirrel.
Just in case you didn't catch that the first time, what I said was that THE FIRST PHOTO ON GOOGLE/IMAGES IS OF TWO G.I JOE DOLLS STANDING ON TOP OF A DEAD SQUIRREL.

Holy balls, planet earth. What kind of crazy messed-up society are we living in, that the first photo on google/images is of two G.I Joe dolls standing on top of a dead squirrel? Man! If I weren't so crazy and messed-up myself, I'd probably find this totally disturbing.
Well, whatever.
On a completely different note, I implore all of you to take a 10 minute trip to and check out Tym Yee's post of the week. I believe the exact words I used to describe it were, um, "Ab Fab". If you're really bored, you can read mine too - though I feel I must warn you, it's less Ab Fab and more Complete Psychobabble than anything else. Story of my life.
Oh, hey! I just remembered number 2: Some famous guy I have never heard of named his kid Reignbeau. Reignbeau. Like 'Rainbow', except a thousand times douchier because the guy decided to invent his own way to spell it? Sensational. Somehow, I don't think anyone is going to give me a hard time for naming my first born 'Wentworth' after this.

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