Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh my goodness I am a strange form of human.
And I know what you're thinking - "Holy balls, Jacki, are you only just discovering this now? We've known for years, you nutbag!"
No, I've known. I know. But what I am only just discovering is that one of my favourite hobbies is to read YouTube video comments.
I mean.
That's weird right? It should be weird. But people are hilarious! Is this just me? People are funny! They should know how funny they are! I should tell them!

I fear I'm not making much sense. That might be because I'm in the midst of a Prison Break marathon. Season One. Otherwise known as The Season In Which Wentworth Appears Shirtless 9 Times.
And who could be expected to make sense while that's going on in the background?

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