Monday, January 18, 2010

So, I know I already wrote a massive post today, but I really need to talk about the picture on this milk carton:
I don't understand. What is a 'turf farm'? And abattoir? Nobody wants to think about that when they're trying to drink milk. And what?! You don't have to send a cow to the abattoir just to get milk! It's totally not necessary! In fact, I really really wouldn't reccommend it!

And what's with the cow? It doesn't even look like a cow, it looks like 2 people dressed in a cow suit. And why is the road yellow? Does this cow live in Oz? Is he off to see The Wizard?

I am so damn confused. And scared. And kind of thirsty for some milk.
Can anyone solve this? Or at least, give me something else to obsess over.


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