Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dear Hilary Swank...

So I'm having a pretty slow Saturday night. Actually, I was just sitting here on my couch watching The Core, and I decided to write a letter to Hilary Swank:

Dear Hilary Swank,

What the f***?

Sincerely, Jacki Trew

Really though. She went from Million Dollar this? I am in awe. And not the good kind of awe. Is there a bad kind of awe? Perhaps 'awe' isn't the right word. Fine, I am in shock. I am shocked. If it weren't for my love of shitty movies and Core co-star Aaron Eckhart's intruiging bone structure, I would be switching off the TV right now.
Having said that, I think you should all watch it. Just in case, you know, the Earth's core does stop spinning and we all burst into flame or whatever; at least we can say we saw it coming.

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