Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy (Belated) Birthday Madi

Hi kids!

Wow, it's been a while. Well, 5 days. Is that 'a while'? Probably not to a normal person. Then again, I am neither normal nor a person, so it all works out.
Except that I am actually a person.


Here's a belated Happy Birthday with two capital letters to Miss Madi MuSung, also known as The Girl Who Sat Next To Me On The First Day Of Kindergarten And Hasn't Been Able To Rid Herself Of Me Yet.
So Happy Birthday Madi. And thankyou - for putting up with me for the past two decades, agreeing to go along with most of my insane 'lets get famous' escapades, and for being the living proof that it is possible to leave your teenage years behind and still look like a 15-year-old.
I can only hope I will be so lucky.
Anyway, I would have baked a cake or done a dance or sung a song, but since none of those things can be enjoyed by planet earth via the internet, I decided to give you this work of art instead:

I call it "16 Year Old Jacki Trew And Friend Unintentionally Create The Most Awkward Photograph Ever"

In unrelated news, I am now - as of about 3 o'clock this afternoon - an official member of the 'Only Child' club. And by 'official' what I of course mean is 'unofficial'. And by 'unofficial' what I of course mean is...'I just decided to make myself part of the club, okay?'
My sister joined the Navy. That's how I figured myself to be part of the club. She left for HMAS Creswell this afternoon, and the first thing I did afterwards was run into her room and jump up and down on her bed for like 25 minutes.
Immature? Yeah.
Dangerous? A little.
A mind-numbingly stupid idea? No doubt.
But if being able to jump up and down on your sisters bed without the constant fear of death or dismemberment doesn't spell 'Only Child', I honestly don't know what does.

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