Saturday, July 15, 2006

what IS it?

im talking about the hideous creation you see below this post.

...its actually unclear to me what this...piece of clothing? is.
i mean. it looks like she rolled out of bed in her billowing nightie, wrapped her bedsheets around her waist a couple of times, combed a tube of car grease through her hair, rolled her sleeves up a little and thought to herself before leaving the house..
"hey...i should probably wear matching wooden bracelets on each wrist...yeah, that will look awesome"

congratulations, whoever you are.
uve brought new meaning to the word hideous


mil said...

look at her toes, does she even have toes,. or just these pointy foot things. hmm. its like a toga. how pretty.

Janey said...

it reminds me of that one time mitchy dissapeared and we went crazy and wrapped sarah in that feral cloth and ran out of ancient scaring the kids in the junior school..