Sunday, July 02, 2006

its time for luncheon!

OHMIGOSH so today we had lunch at issis with me, issi, juju, madi, luc and mol. and it was so much fun my head almost exploded.
so first we watched julia attempt to, um, fry? eggplant which was hilarious but in the end it looked ok, even though the first thing lucy said wen she saw it was "how did you do that? you even got the sides to burn!"
and then we sat in issi room and confused people on msn with issis disturbing disturbing animations which were DISTURBING to say the least.
after lunch which was YUUUM we went and played foosball and sing star, and i can now confidentally say that i suck at both of them.
then julia sang like a virgin while writhing around on the floor and giving us all fairly disturbing looks from the various, equally disturbing angles that she was positioning herself in on the carpet.
i dont think ive ever been so turned on. except that one time that mr dubya and campy did a dance to dontcha.
that was also hot.


Julia Ba Gulia said...

yes I was quite turned on writhing on the was all for you baby ;)

Jacki said...

you were turned on by yourself?
it baffles the mind

Beth said...

weren't you more turned on when emmy touched you for the first time? that was pretty hot.

Beth said...

ok i just realise that kinda sounded dirty. touched as in like a half-hug. cause shes paranoid.

it was still pretty hot.