Wednesday, July 26, 2006

my own stalker

well what im really looking forward to is the tv special on tonight at 8.30 on channel 7: Ivan Milat, Born to Kill.
you know. despite the fact that when i walked home today i totally had to walk right past the VERY SAME SPOT that some IVAN MILAT COPY-CAT brutally KILLED someone.
and then right after that i had to walk right past the VERY GOLF COURSE where some person got killed by SOME OTHER IVAN MILAT LOOK-ALIKE.
then when i got home i had to walk into my house which is right down the street from longueville road where SOME OLD LADY GOT BASHED RIGHT OUTSIDE HER FRONT DOOR BY THE GRANNY KILLER.

you know. all of that. plus the fact that I was voted "most likely to be killed by Ivan Milat", plus the fact that he is probably seeking revenge on me at this very moment after all those jokes I made in his expense, plus the fact that I am a perfect target on account of my clumsiness, inability to run when being chased, and infamous granny-hands.

but other than that.
i am so taping it.


Beth said...

plus the fact that you and your death wish is mentioned in his wikipedia article. and that he would prolly be insulted by our constant mockery of him. :P

Janey said...

hahaha check out my LJ, i found a pic of pussy milat doing karaoke with his bro