Monday, July 24, 2006

my reluctant return to school - part 1

i so almost just had a heart attack because
a) tomorrow is the first day of school
b) its a tuesday
c) there is a fifty percent chance that i will have p.e
d) there is a fifty percent chance that i will have to face that woman

but luckily for me there is no p.e until thursday, so i have at least 2 days to concoct some lame excuse as to why i dont have p.e shorts, as well as to concoct some lame excuse as to why it is illegal for p.e teachers to lynch their students.


kiera said...

jacki i think that more than anyone else i totally understand what you are going through.
but at least now i have an excuse not to do p.e., i.e. i can't becuase i am mauled.
oh and to make tomorrow even better hope you haven't forgot all that english stuff we have to do yeah im looking foward to it.

Janey said...

i thought that one word was coconut....

p.s. is it a bad thing that i havent picked my modern question (*coughORTOPICcough*)?

the person in the room next to u said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha is shanny pissed that i walked in on your private moment. I have geography damit i swear. Well if u read this during your lesson tell her i said hi and NO i am not stalking her it is just a total coincidence that we see each other like 20 times a day!

Jacki said...

yeah right you're just trying to take her from me!
shes mine! go stalk mr obrien or someone else, becoz emmy is taken :P

Jacki said...

by the way catherine, like NOONE agrees with us that the lady at the train station is Gretel Killeen so we will have to tape a recording of her voice and show it to everyone to prove them wrong and us right

Jacki said...

but seriously
shes mine

Beth said...

as if.
mr o'brien.
he has like death plots.
they could never have a healthy stalker relationship :P

Beth said...

oops i didnt finish my sentence
*he has like death plots against jacki