Friday, July 21, 2006

rump on the rock

oh oh oh
today was so much fun. even though i totally had to get up early.
so i met Beffi and Mai at chatty and we got on the train and then thought "hey, this train trip will be pretty boring unless we play a joke on someone" so we decided to msg Sair and Gem hu just got on the train behind us and tell them we got on the wrong train and it was expressing to Emu Plains.
anyway they fully believed us so when we got off at circular quay and met Lollen we made a plan to hide from them, so they would see Lollen by herself and think that we were really in Emu Plains, which would then bring a good laugh for all.
the plan was all going exactly to plan until they saw us through the enourmous glass window we were hiding behind.

that hiding spot was so not my idea.
anyway then we all went to the rocks and tried to find pancakes on the rocks, and somehow me Gem and Sair got separated from the others just as it started pouring, and of course we were the ones who didnt have umbrellas.
so we stood around for a while thinking up different ways to attack people and take their umbrellas, and eventually we decided to run up this ramp thing which we hoped would take us to the right place.
by this time it was really raining, so in effect the ramp had kind of turned into a waterslide but we got there eventually, and it was fun becoz we all ordered like the chocolitiest thing on the menu (EXCEPT for sair who ordered vanilla bean curd or something) and laughed at this totally revolting pancake we found on the menu which was like cream cheese rolled in lettuce and wrapped in liquid poo or something equally as revolting and played The Hardest Part by Coldplay on the jukebox and laughed hysterically at the video clip (if you havent seen it you should - its like a car crash: horrifically disturbing, but you are somehow unable to tear your eyes away)

anyway then we looked at the menu and realised, hey, there are just as many other things on this menu as there are pancakes, and so sparked the debate of why it is actually called Pancakes On The Rocks, deliberating whether or not it should be given another name, like Ribs On The Rocks, or (my favourite), Rump On The Rock.

then we went to the pier to go to this art gallery thing and look at all the obscure artworks like this fan that someone had glued hair all over. Or that giant chandelier that we sat in front of for like 15 minutes.
Or that video of some old dude playing a trumpet or something which beth said sounded like "a baby throwing up".

anyway then we began our escapade to get to the pitt street mall which took like a dajillion kajillion bazillion years. and then when we finally got there we were like im bored. lets go home.
so home we went.
and it was good.


SpeciaL GeM said...

twas the shizziest day ever!!!!

Casey said...

haha jack..ur so craaazy.hah rump on the rock-luvin it....u didnt mention the army of miniture pplz that were freakin me out...the clay asians

Beth said...

the freako baby vomiting/scremaing man was playing a saxaphone not a trumpet :P

Jacki said...

i said "trumpet or something"

which means saxophone

Janey said...

well thats funny, but when you and ceinwen really ARE stuck on a train that really IS an express to emu plains, and return home only much much LATER that NIGHT after being mauled and leered at by its mainly toothless inhabitants with bleeding feet, permanent physical and mental scars, a skin tone that is looking closer to african american than pasty because of the dirt, not knowing how you acquired a plastic golfclub, an pornographic elmo book, food poisoning, a weaker heart and a barbie boot, and pray you dont have a deadly emu plains induced disease, ITS SO NOT FUNNY