Sunday, July 23, 2006

home and away

i finally realised why its so hard for people to understand what the hell is going on with home and away

(and this is only current characters plus a few randoms)

alf was married to ailsa and was in love with the gov, who went to gaol with dani, who dated scott, the son of beth, who was married to rhys who married shelley, the mother of dani, and now loves tony, the father of jack who is married to martha, best friend of tasha who is married to robbie the son of beth, and is having a baby with jonah. scott loves hayley, the sister of will who married gypsy. hayley was married to noah who was killed by sarah, who was thought to be related to zoe, who dated kim, who is now dating rachel, the sister of brad who has a crush on sally, who was married to flynn. flynn kissed leah who was married to vinnie and had a son with him named vj, and is now married to dan who was married to amanda, mother of belle and ryan. belle lives with irene, who loved paris and barry, who had a fling with beth and is the father of kim, who is engaged to rachel. belle used to date ric, who is dating cassie, who dated macca, the brother of martha. cassie is best friends with maddie, who loves lucas who kissed lee, who is having a baby with mr brayburn.

and that will probably change completely by next week


Casey said...

(*inhales deeply*) go get a room with obi .. ew.

Casey said...

EW EW. take it bak TAKE IT BAKKKK

Jacki said...

what thoughts are running through your sick twisted mind mai