Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the oc

i had a thought.

since everyone knows that marissa is going to die on the oc (and well if you didnt, you do know) what they should do is, they should rewrite the last episode so that she doesnt die, and then all the marissa-hater clubs could all go and stand outside the gates to the oc, because i imagine its one of those places that you cant get into unless you have a black credit card and a sophisticated name like Ophelia or Sanford, and hold up signs that say things like
Marissa Schamissa, and
We love Summer, and
Kill the whore! You promised!!

i mean. i would pay to see that.

pfft, no i wouldnt.

1 comment:

Beth said...

I just think its funny in all the promos for the last ep Channel 10 has been ADVERTISING Marissas death to get people to watch the ep!

I meanl, I suppose they decided to just cut their losses, seeing as once an OC ep comes out in US we all know bout it.