Tuesday, July 25, 2006

my reluctant return to school - part 2

well today was heinous in everyway possible except for modern because modern is my reason for existance and emmy is the apple of my eye.

but everything else was total sucko because well i found out we have to hand in both our historical investigations in like less than two weeks and i havent started either of them.
also that i have an extension essay tomorrow on the comparison of two books, neither of which i have bothered to read.
also that i have an economics essay due on thursday, which i read the question for, and then thought to myself...
"how did i go my entire life without learning any of those words?"

but most of that was made up for by the few seconds i have each day to view the hilarity in kiera struggling to get up the stairs on her crutches.


kiera said...

its actually not that funny. gosh.

Anonymous said...

it so is.

Jacki said...

yeah i have to agree with anon

it really is