Friday, July 07, 2006

its time for my date with orlando bloom!

my love for orlando bloom has officially been rekindled.
for all of you who watched troy with me in ancient and constantly payed him out for the whole movie, saying things like:
"OHmigosh its just a little fleshwound u wuss!"

"Thats right, run back to daddy and your big brother"

"Id tap that...if only he had a penis"
well times have changed my friends and if u see pirates 2, you will too die from too many orgasms because he is so dashing.

in the words of mitchey - "if only he'd reply to my letters"


Casey said...

AHAHAHA did the mitch really say that? thats so sweet, lol she's such a loser

SpeciaL GeM said...

orlando will always be the little wussy punce who is responsoble for eric banas death. nothing will bring him back!!!!!