Sunday, July 02, 2006

its time for my din-dins!

so last night we also went out to dinner which was the SHIZ with me, hanni, beffy, lollen, gem, kat, jordan, sair, mai and ben.
which was super fun even though i could only eat 2/5ths of the food we ordered because most of it would have killed me. but that gave everyone a laugh so it was all good.
after dinner we wandered around chatswood for 2 hours before the movie started, trying to find a replacement vandi, but we couldnt so we just went into gloria jeans and talked about how much we missed emmy. well me and beth did anyway.
well it was pretty much only me.
then we went to see stick it which was totally confusing but in a fun way because we made commentary all the way through extremely loudly and im pretty sure that everyone in the cinema wanted to kill us and hack up our bodies when we were done.


Beth said...

my favourite piece of commentary was when the evil person was bout to compete and the like star-wars dramatic ish music came on and everyone was laughing then there was silence and the music was still going n ben was like "powerball.. spend the rest of your life" in like the funniest voice and it totally fit it was classic. all the other ppl in the cinema thought we were idiots. as expected :P

Beth said...

i miss vandi already