Sunday, July 23, 2006

serial electronic killer

i swear.
i have the worst luck with electronics in the world.

like seriously. i am like the serial electronic killer. i AM the serial electronic killer!!
ok. a timeline of my career as a murderer of electronic goods:

my first phone: i had it for 6 months then i had to get it replaced. then it went ok for almost a year. then i think the insides melted.
my second phone: probably my fault for buying it off ebay, but hey, i thought if it works for Bubs itll work for me. no such luck. it was ok for like 4 months then it screwed up.
our computer: was fine until i used it one time to print something. the next day it had been sent away for repairs
my laptop: fine for 10 months then the ram exploded or something so i got it fixed, then 3 days (i kid you not, 3 days) later the fan broke and the hard-drive started to melt or something. fixed again.
my ipod: i had it for 12 months then it stopped working so i got it replaced. 3 months later it stopped working again so i got it replaced again. 3 weeks later it stopped working again so i got it replaced again. this time the replacement didnt even start working. currently on my fourth replacement.
my third phone: had it for about 3 weeks and it stopped working. got it replaced. stopped working a week ago. not yet replaced.

so people, warn your electronics. keep them away from me.

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