Monday, July 31, 2006

the un-fertile

so anyway. today hannah became the second last person in our group to turn fertile..
the last person being me.

so of course we all went crazy and started screaming and throwing food (which we would later regret as vandi was inspected by the boof) and planning hannahs pink party which will take place tomorrow and involve party hats and pink jelly beans and a cake shaped like a tampon.

oh how joyous.
and then we all enjoyed julia singing her version of "baron sharon" and inventing a fertility initiation dance for hannah and a rejection dance for me.
which will be fun.


SpeciaL GeM said...

woo tampon cake im so totally there!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! pink party!!! WOOO!!!

luv elle..xoxo

Janey said...

we should find period inducing foods and do period inducing dances so you can be in the loop jacki.......hey, it MIGHT work..

but you know, you seriously are lucky, its not exactly a basket of kittens having the lining of your ugly uterus bleeding out of you every month.....the cramps suck, enjoy it while you can, i know if ellen was you she'd be having unprotected sex with as many people as possible before getting it.. hoho..

*shifty eyes*

dont judge me!!

*runs away*

p.s. *has had too much sugar tonight*