Monday, July 31, 2006

hated by the boof

i have further proof that all the teachers hate me.
today, on vandi, when we were in the middle of our daily ritual of throwing empty poppers and apple cores at each other, mainly directed at lauren due to her suggestion that we go to south australia for schoolies (which is just ridiculous because we'd probably all get killed by backpacker killers, which you know, would be funny for the first five seconds but for the rest of the time would just be total sucko), and in her defence, lauren threw one of the poppers over the brick wall and into the garden.
unfortunately for lauren, while she was throwing the popper over the wall, the boof just happened to be walking past, and she saw.
so of course she abandoned her stroll in the playground to come stand on vandi and find out who threw the popper, and well i guess it wasnt so unfortunate for lauren because she didnt even to bother finding out who threw it she just pointed at me and went...
Was that YOU jacki trew?
and of course because it wasnt me i said
and then she just stood and looked disbelievingly at me, probably hoping that i would start weeping or something so that she could feel satisfied at having filled her daily quota of making students cry in fear.
all teachers hate me


Anonymous said...

that was so funny!!! ahe was just looking at you!!! and she was still looking at you after loz was like it was me!!!

luv elle..xoxo

special gem said...

seriously who goes to south australia for schoolies?? ivan milat that's who! i bet he went to south australia for schoolies and look how he turned out!! a murderer!!

Janey said...

its funny...because that was my popper :P

i didnt throw it.....but chuh, it was still mine :D

Janey said...

p.s. gem - as if we're NOT going to turn out murderers anyway ;P

Casey said...

hah. its so true