Thursday, July 27, 2006

theyre after me


it seems like every day i can add someone new to the list of people who want to kill me.
list so far?
  • Emmy
  • Ivan Milat
  • Spiders
  • That Selig woman
  • My bus driver
  • The staff at Apple Computers
  • Those magpies in the park
  • Catherine
  • Any person who has ever heard me sing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well this is a comment to ur home and away family tree and the cool and twisted speshness of all their connections and relationships!
I didnt put it in that comment cause i thought u wouldnt read it...
but yes h & away is the ultimate show along with Uvvvan Mallatty doco....but h & a is only 4 ppl hu own brains :P and btw i love colieen! ...

and she's going to have a fling with Macca...

wot else will h & away succumb 2?
luv hanni