Wednesday, August 02, 2006

laurens rage

so yesterday in p.e kiery and discovered something very intruiging about our good friend lauren.

well apparently it must be pretty cold in berowra or something because when we were getting changed (well, when lauren was getting changed because me and kiera are bludgers) (well when lauren was getting changed and kiera wasnt getting changed because she had a legitimate excuse and i wasnt getting changed because im a bludger), we noticed that lauren was wearing.
a singlet
her school shirt
a vest
a jumper
a blazer
AND a scarf.

which of course is hilarious so kiera and me proceeded to steal laurens vest and roll it up into a ball and throw it over her head to everyone else until she got so mad that she went into some sort of crazy Lauren Rage and spear tackled hanni even though hanni didnt even HAVE her vest.

so while kiera and i were still laughing over the vest and showing it to everyone else, lauren had hanni in a headlock and was pinning her up against the wall.
which was amusing.
and then later, when lauren finally got her vest back from us, she folded it up until it was small enough to put in her pocket so that we couldnt get it.
so then we stole her jumper, and while she was distracted by that, we stole her vest right out of her pocket and then she got so angry and confused she started whipping kiera with her jumper and trying to grab back the vest.

i mean.
these berowrians.
theyre so weird


special gem said...

yea we should like build a fence around berowra so the ravenous beasts cant get out

Jacki said...

yeah like lauren
i swear like every day she tries to rape me

Beth said...

i mean who wears a vest anyway??

lollen im ashamed.

not that you'd ever read this cause ur too busy studying :P

SpeciaL GeM said...

haha so true its funny coz studying and the vest contribute to her nerdiness