Friday, August 04, 2006

bare-assed (again)

well today was pretty normal until my dad decided that he needed me and catherine to come down to the sailing club with him and carry some old boat around and then attach it to the trailer.
so that worked pretty successfully so while my dad was tying the boat to the trailer he told me and catherine to go lock up the shed, which has one of those rolly-doors like u get on a garage, but instead of having a remote control, you have to pull it down yourself.
so i was being the helpful daughter and reaching up to pull it down, and then something else got pulled down, but it wasnt the rolly-door, it was my pants, and i wasnt pulling them down, catherine was.

so there i was, naked from the waist down in front of pretty much anyone who lives on the lane cove river, and i thought hey.
this feels pretty familiar.

so then i chased catherine around and tried to pull down her pants (remembering to pull my own up about half-way through the chase) and we both ended up ass-down in a pile of mud which felt oh so bad, yet oh so good at the same time.


Janey said...

yet another pantless scenario to go in the never ending story of jackis most embarassing moments that dont include all her clothing

Beth said...

jacki blog again im dying from lack of funniness.
shanny just isnt living up to her role lately