Wednesday, August 02, 2006


this day has been THE WORST DAY

first of all i already knew it was going to be crap because as soon as i left the house i realised i was wearing THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE PAIR OF UNDIES that i own.
then my bus was late to the station because so many old people kept getting on and then, i dont know, like dropping their travel ten on the floor, then bending down to pick it up and knocking over their walking frame or whatever.
then when we finally got to school i realised it was going to be THE WORST DAY OF THE WHOLE CYCLE because:
a) we didnt have modern
b) we didnt have dt
c) we have double english extension while everyone else gets a free

anyway so it was lunchtime and so far i was surviving because you know, christian studies was a bludge and maths had been fun (we discovered that mr ob makes his lunches the same way as spesh), but now, oh now it was time for economics which i totally dont understand a single word of so i just sit there with my eyes all glazed over and nodding occasionally. so todays economics was pretty much just like any economics.

after that i was walking to extension and i saw emmy and waved hysterically and she averted her eyes and cringed at the thought that i was near her, but i think, I THINK, i saw her fingers wiggle a little.
ohmigosh. THATS RIGHT
then after that we got to extension and found out that because the teachers feel so sorry for us (since we so majorly sucked hairy balls in our essays on wide sargasso sea) they let us bludge the whole two periods and watch shakespeare in love instead.
then when i got home i found out we are having mongolian lamb (like my 5th favourite dinner) tonight.

so really this day hasnt turned out so bad after all.

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