Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Here is an amusing conversation that look place at my work last weekend:

MJ: There's something different about you today.
Me: What?
MJ: I don't know, it's...I can't find the words.
Me: It's indescribable?
MJ: I can't think of the words to explain it.
Me: Oh, so it's ineffable.
MJ: No, I wouldn't say you're uneffable...
Me: In.  Ineffable.  It means you can't explain something.
MJ: Yeah right.
Me: I swear, that's a real word!  Google that shit.
MJ:  You just like saying the word 'effable'.
Me: Well who doesn't?
MJ: I know I do!
Phillip: (to a client) I'm really sorry about them.

Working with people whose social boundaries are seemingly limitless is great.  There's nothing I appreciate more than honesty, and nothing that feels better than a co-worker informing you that you could use a little plastic surgery:

MJ: My friend got a nose job, it looks great.  Want to see a before and after photo?
Me: Yeah!  (Sees photo)  Oh, okay, yeah.  But I kind of like her 'before' nose.
MJ:  Well, you're only seeing it from the side.  From the front it was huge.
Me: (Jokingly) Like mine?
MJ: (Without a hint of hesitation) Yeah!
Me: (Again, jokingly) Are you saying I need plastic surgery?
MJ: (Sensing things are about to get awkward but unable to stop himself) wouldn't hurt.

Luckily, I've gotten used to comments like these and am now able to just laugh them off.  I have an enormous sense of humour.  I keep it in my nose.

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