Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Apartment Watch 2011

I am currently in the market for a 2-bedroom apartment.  So if you have one, or know of anyone else who does, let me know.  I'll take anything.  I'm not fussy.  As long as there's a balcony and a carspace, a nice bathroom, and the kitchen decor matches the Maxwell&Williams utensils that Alex and I have already bought, I'll be happy.
As you might have deduced, I'm pretty excited about the prospect of finally moving out.  I think (if you're my boss, ignore this next sentence) I spend more time at work on than I do actually working.  I'm calling this Apartment Watch '11.
Anyway - like I said a few posts ago - I hope to have relocated by the end of May, so if you'd like one last opportunity to come over and swim in my pool, hang out in my childhood room, steal my WiFi, drink my wine and jump on my parents bed, you'd better do it soon.  Alternatively, if you are the person who left a pile of laundry and shit in my room around a month ago, you might want to grow some balls and come pick it up.  You know who you are; you used to really love it when I wore my purple novelty eyeglasses in public, remember?  Yes, you!  Come on dude.  I barely have enough room for my own laundry and shit.

The best part about Alex and I and our preparations for the big move is how adult we are being about the whole process.  For example, we made sure to secure an iceless wine cooler and bottle of champagne to drink on our first night in the new apartment before we even started house-hunting.  Clearly, we have our priorities in order.

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