Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good morning, and welcome to another episode of Jacki Recaps Last Night's Episode Of My Kitchen Rules

So, the couple from Victoria.  I can never actually remember their real names, so I just call them The Serial Killers.  Nothing against couples or cooks or people from Victoria in general, but watching these two makes me genuinely fear for my own safety.  Especially the dude.  Every time he picks up a steak knife, I feel like there's a chance he might climb through the TV and stab me with it.  And no, there is no hyperbole in that sentence.
Last night's quick-fire challenge was one of my favourites to date.  By the way, is it totally annoying that I keep talking about this show?  Suck it.  Like I was saying, last night was awesome.  The first task was to create a canape in 30 minutes, which sounds easy enough except for the twist which was that the teams weren't allowed to cook together.  One person was given 15 minutes to start the dish, and the other got 15 minutes to finish.  For the 8 dillionth time since I became addicted, I found myself wishing I was a contestant on this show.  I imagine my discussion with the judges might go something like this:

French Judge:  Ahh, Jacki.
Me: Sup.
Aussie Judge: What have you got for us today?
Me: Well...that white crispy thing right there, that's toast.
French Judge: I see.  And what do you call this?
Me: Oh that?  That's Vegemite.

A winning combination.  The only person I would rather see compete on My Kitchen Rules than myself, is my Dad:

French Judge:  Hello Phil.
Dad: G'day.
Aussie Judge: So Phil, what have you decided to serve as your canape this evening?
Dad: What are you, blind?  That's called a beer.  Drink up boys.

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