Monday, February 22, 2010

So, I mentioned him briefly a couple of posts ago, but I wanna take a moment to unleash the weird/stalker side of my personality and talk more about this friend my sister brought home last weekend.
Name: Owen
Last Name: escapes me. H-something? It started with an H. Or a K.
Nope, definitely an H. I remember because it was written on the back of his shirt in sharpie. Fashion statement? Perhaps. Or maybe it was his favourite shirt and he was just really paranoid about one of us stealing it. Either way, it's of no importance to anyone.
Anyway, nice guy. And God knows I gave him enough reasons to totally shut me down (need I reference the 'taste of butt' conversation?), but he didn't. See? Nice. But what is with Western Australians (that's where he's from) and their weird slang/distaste for crazy words? I wasn't allowed to say 'wowza'. Or 'fave'. Or even my favourite, 'totes mcgotes', since apparently in Perth, 'mcgote' is slang for 'blow job'.
Conclusion? People from Perth are idiots.

Hey, speaking of idiots, has anyone here seen the most recent Woolworths Fresh Food Ideas commercial? You know, the one with the Mum banging on and on about how much her kids hate healthy food, and she can only get them to eat it by stir-frying shaved carrots in tomato sauce and calling it 'Orange Pasta'?
I know I have a tendency to exaggerate things, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out there thinking this is the most moronic thing I've ever heard. Orange pasta? I don't care how many remedial classes your kid is enrolled in, nobody on earth is stupid enough to fall for that. It makes me angry. It actually makes me mad; every time I see it on TV I have to watch like, 3 episodes of Prison Break in a row just to calm myself down. You don't have to say it, I know I'm crazy. But you know who's crazier? Anyone who has a 'themed' wedding. And also, people who think their kids will believe in 'orange pasta'.
On another note, Haloscan, my comment box host, appears to have shut down. Thanks for telling me guys! Anyway, it was automatically replaced by something called 'JS-Kit', which looks like Msn and doesn't show up on my main page. Dammit Haloscan! I would fix this, but I have neither the know-how nor the energy. Any suggestions? If you think you can help me out, shoot me an email and I'll pencil you into my Oscar acceptance speech.

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