Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Dolphin Gang-Rape Offensive To Humans?

It just occured to me that all this talk about dolphin gang-rape might be offending some of you.
Are you offended?
Have I offended you?
Should I have written it on the
uncut/unrated/unreasonable version of my blog instead?
Here, vote on this poll to let me know:

Ummm. Yeah.
One thing I will talk about on this blog is how and why you should all switch your televisions to Channel 10 at exactly 8.36pm tonight, because - holy shit - the episode of Law and Order: SVU guest starring Wentworth Miller is on.

*Flips out*
Sigh. Wentworth Miller. There are no words.
No wait. There's one word - husband.
For more on dolphin gang-rape, how we can stop dolphin gang-rape, and an unfortunate story in which I have to explain to my mother why the phrase 'dolphin gang-rape' appears in my internet search history, visit Insanity Now Has A Website: Uncut, Unrated, Unreasonable, also known to some of you as A Small And Seemingly Pointless Collection Of All The Thoughts I Have That Are Too Offensive To Be Posted On My Regular Blog, But Deserve To Be Published All The Same.


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