Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holy Shit Y'all, My Wife Is In Labour!

I love American Idol, but what is going on with this dude whose wife is in labour? I was watching just now, and happened upon the following weirdness:

Ryan Seacrest: It's day 2 of the Hollywood auditions, and the competition is heating up. Especially for this dude:
(Cut to dude talking on iPhone)
Dude Talking On iPhone: Holy shit y'all, my wife is in labour!

I am serious! It's round 2 of Hollywood Week - the tension is high, the singing is amazing, the mistakes are hilarious...and they keep cutting to this guy with the pregnant wife! Granted he's one of the contestants, and a good one at that, but if I wanted to hear about a woman giving birth, I'd flip to the W Channel.
Once again - it's American Idol.
American. As in 'an American person'.
And Idol. As in 'with the potential to blow Mariah Carey out of the water'.
Right? It's not about babies and labour and placenta and being 8cm dialated. It's about embarassing auditions, Ellen Degeneres, and finding the next Mariah Carey.

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