Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hey crew,
So first of all - the reason I haven't been blogging is because my laptop finally carked it this week. Wait. Is that the correct spelling of 'carked'? See, if I still had a laptop, I could dictionary.com these things. As it is, I'm stuck on my parents ancient desktop, which is so old and creaky it can barely handle me typing 85 words a minute. I swear, the back of it is like smoking right now.
Whats been up? I went to coffee/shopping/to the movies with Mel (Amon) yesterday/last night. Wow, backslash overload. But yeah, Mel. Okay, one reason I love Mel (among many others), is because whenever I'm with her, stuff like this happens:

Mel: (Seeing a poster for Dear, John on the wall) Look! Channing!
Jacki: (Pointing to my own ass) That's where Channing likes it!
Mel: What?
Jacki: Don't you remember that time we found out (at this point the lift doors open just in time to allow 6 people see me saying) Channing Tatum was a bisexual, and we kept doing that?
People In Lift: (Stunned silence)
Mel: Oh yeah. Hey, going down?
People In Lift: (Stunned silence)

Haha. My life is awesome.

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