Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'd like to take a few minutes to thank members of the Black Eyed Peas, for achieving the rare and exciting "two-songs-in-one" phenomenon. If you haven't heard the song "Imma Be" yet, get yourself to an iTunes store pronto; listen to the first 30 seconds, then fast forward to 2:31. It will blow your freaking mind-hole.

Speaking of mind-holes, mine must be malfunctioning or something because I've been having the most wacked out dreams as of late. I mean, I always have pretty retarded dreams, but usually they're at least cool-retarded. Like, I might be President of the Universe and having to come up with some intergalactic plan to save humanity from the wrath of the ant people. Or something. But lately? Last night I had a dream about taking a shower. Yeah. As if I don't spend enough time in the shower already. Come on, subconcious! You can do better than that!

How come there are dreams that everyone seems to have? I feel like most people have had the "I Was Naked In The Middle Of My High School And Everyone Saw" dream. The "Stuck Inside Jurassic Park For Real" dream is also popular. Then there are the dreams which are particular to each individual. With me, for example, it's always about Wentworth, Red Bull, college, or Me Being The President Of The Universe And Having To Save Mankind From The Ant People. Oh, and showers apparently. One time I dreamt about getting out of bed and going to the toilet, and I think I must have sleep-walk-acted it out, because I woke up at 4am on the bathroom floor. True story. I learnt 2 things that night:
1) You don't need to be concious in order to pee
2) Direct Face-On-Bathmat Contact = never okay

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