Friday, March 19, 2010

You Know Heath Ledger? DAYEM!

Since my sister ran away to join the Navy, and my Mum ran away to join the circus (or was at work or something), I ended up sitting around drinking coffee with my Dad this afternoon. This happens like once a fortnight, and we usually just spend the time talking about trivial crap; what to have for dinner, what we think Catherine is doing, how bad of a driver I am...Which is kind of fun. Or funny, since no matter what we start off talking about, the conversation always eventually turns to this guy:I don't know where this came from, but it seems like my Dad is f***ing obsessed with Heath Ledger. I'm sorry to swear, but saying he's just obsessed isn't good enough. He's more than obsessed:

Dad: Hey, so you know Heath Ledger?
Me: Yes Dad. I am aware of Heath Ledger.
Dad: (Sighs) Damn.

Yeah. The best part was the way he said 'damn' - like it had two syllables instead of one. You know, the way you say it when you're talking about someone who is totally bangin' in the looks department?
Oh my gosh. What is more disturbing, my Dad being in love with a dead guy, or my Mum being in love with a gay guy? Or are they both overshadowed by the fact that I'm writing about it on the internet for millions and millions of strangers to see?
Speaking of millions and millions of strangers...YouTube. I don't know why (well, that's not entirely accurate. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that I'm 20, broke, jobless and still living at home with my Mummy and Daddy), but lately I've become totally addicted. People on YouTube are awesome. And I'm not just talking about this guy:
Well...mostly. But there are some other freaks out there who are pretty alright. Like this guy, who makes me extremely thankful to my parents for not letting me play video games as a child:
Whoa. I don't know alot about this "World of Warcraft" game, but I'm pretty certain it's not worth shoving a remote control up your ass. And then there's these chicks, who make me extremely grateful to my parents for not letting me and my best friend attempt snowboarding and make total asses of ourselves:
Oh, wait.
My point is, YouTube is awesome. And if I didn't have - as my Mother so kindly puts it - a "face made for radio", I would definitely be making more vlogs to upload there. Have they invented full body transplants yet? Until then, I'll just stick to blogging.

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