Monday, March 15, 2010

Me again. I know, I know - when the hell am I gonna shut up?
Well, not tonight, suckers!

So I just had a lovely phone call from my sister Catherine who is in the Navy and therefore constantly surrounded by a swarm of buff manly men. I know, because I could hear them in the background. Doing buff, manly things. Which I'm sure is very fun for her, but not for me, since the only things I'm constantly surrounded by are copies of Prison Break on DVD, empty Red Bull cans and house pets who haven't been fed yet.
Yep, I am living the high life alright.
Still, it was nice to talk to her all the same; our conversations are always a constant stream of mutual love and gratitude:

Me: So...what'd you do today?
Catherine: Yeah (long pause) Yeah, not alot.
Me: Huh.
Catherine: Yeah.
(Long pause)
Me: So, you coming home for Easter?
Catherine: Yeah, probably.
Me: Cool.
Catherine: Mmm. So...what'd you do today?
Me: Yeah (long pause) Yeah, not alot.
Catherine: Huh.
Me: Yeah.

...So maybe the love is silent. Still, it's there. Somewhere.
If you are looking for anyone to blame for this sudden onslaught of pointless blogging, it should be those Navy folk; because it's their Navy-issue special grape flavoured extra-strength energy drink powder that's keeping me awake.

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