Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Is A Blogatorship, Not A Blogocracy

Woo! Saturday afternoon! Get loose!!!
So in continuing with the theme of 'I Am The Biggest Dork In Australia, Possibly The World, Possibly The Universe, And Have Nothing Better To Do On A Saturday Afternoon Than Watch Movies And Eat Icecream', I just sat down to eat some icecream and watch some movies.
Want to know what I watched? Probably not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway because (to paraphrase Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On) this is a blogatorship, not a blogocracy.
Well, first The Blind Side, and then Wedding Crashers - which always reminds me of the 2 weeks I spent in Seattle with Mel and Casey, and how one of the guys we stayed with named Chauncey was absolutely obsessed, and made us watch the extended version and all the deleted scenes over and over and over so many times that, long story short, we didn't see much of Seattle but I pretty much know every line out of Wedding Crashers by heart.
Dammit, Chauncey!
The Blind Side on the other hand, didn't really remind me of anything. Oh, apart from that one time I was an impoverished almost-orphan from the wrong side of town who was randomly invited home by Sandra Bullock and her family and then went on to become one of the NRL's highest paid and most-sought-after players of all time.
Man, those were some good times.

In other news, I just heard on E! that Beyonce and Jay Z might be having a baby. Oh boy am I excited! And not just because I think Beyonce might be one of the most disco fabulous women on the planet, but also because there are alot of people out there insisting that this is gonna be one damn good-looking child, and I'm about to prove them wrong:

Ouch. The Maury Povich Baby Maker never lies, people.

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