Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Three people I've never met just made me laugh out loud.

Since it's 1.20 in the morning and I can't get to sleep, I'm doing what any normal person would be doing: looking at the DVD reviews for Season 3 of Prison Break.
Oh, yeah. When I said "normal", what I really meant was "utterly insane".
Anyway, I saw that there were comments at the bottom of the page, so I decided to look at those too. And I'm so glad I did:

Bruce: Next week is the series finale. There's no way they will renew it for a third season, and because of the writers strike, season two was cut in half. Prison Break is over. I'm saddened, but considering where it was going, it's probably for the best.
Logan: Bruce, you are by far the dumbest person on earth...first of all, they are in season three, so how can they renew it for a third season, you rere. Also, they said season finale. If they were going to cancel it, they would have said series finale. Gosh, you are a moron.
Tim: Logan, why do you have to be a jerk to Bruce? Maybe he mis-typed season when you typed rere - what the hell does that mean?

Hahaha. Even if you don't watch Prison Break, this is hilarious.
Thanks Bruce, Logan and Tim.
You just made my night.

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