Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is how much my parents love me:

Ok, so mum and dad got home from Queensland on monday, and I was totally excited, since it meant I got to play the role of youngest-daughter-brutally-injured-in-a-freak-running-slash-fence-jumping-incident-revealing-said-injury-to-parents-and-having-attention-lavished-on-her-for-days-and-day-and-days.
I mean, how often do I get to play that role? Yeah, I was excited. I was pumped!! Unfortunately for me, my parents weren't so eager to play along:

Me: Mum! Dad! I'm so glad you guys are home!! Look! Look! There's a big bandage on my arm!! Oh, it hurts too much! Oh, I think I might just need you to buy me some ice cream and fly Wentworth over from LA to kiss it better for me.
Mum: I hope you didn't use all the painkillers because I hurt my back and I need them more than you.
Dad: I bet that's just another tattoo.

First of all. Haha. That painkillers thing was actually pretty funny. And second of all, Dad, DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A TATTOO TO YOU????:

Haha. Well, maybe. A really really ugly one. But it isn't!
And yes, fellow Europe Travellers - that is a Spanish Steps Pub Crawl t-shirt you can see in the background.

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