Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rove's Final Five, Originally Intended For...Hugh Jackman

5. Who was the drunkest person at this years Oscars?
I don't know, since I WASN'T INVITED! Whatever. Wentworth wasn't either, so there was really no reason for me to be there

4. Do you ever drop the fact that you're the Sexiest Man Alive into conversation?
Constantly. I never stop dropping it. Some people find it annoying, but hey - I won that trophy fair and square. You can all deal with it

3. What face would you make if you saw the world's most adorable kitten?
I like to think it would go something like this:2. What is your secret fear?
Did I already answer this once before? Either way, its hard for me to think of a secret fear, since I publish pretty much every thought that enters my head on the internet. I guess though...well, as much as I joke about it, I'm really afraid that one night while I'm asleep, my sister will shave my head completely bald, and tattoo Voldemort's face onto the back of my skull

1. What's the first thing you think of when you see this:
Haha. That is so me in 15 years. I'm talking about the guy on the right, by the way.

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