Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The time I played Goal Defence

Ok so I just got back from netball. It was hilarious, as usual. I know "hilarious" isn't usually the kind of adjective you'd associate with netball, but, well, if you were on our team, you'd understand.
Oh, and yeah, hi fives to me for just using the word 'adjective' in a sentence!
Thank you, year 8 English.
Anyway, back to netball.
One of the most entertaining moments of the evening was when I tried to play Goal Defence. I knew from the beginning it probably wasn't going to go down well, on account of the fact that I have a tendency to scream and shrink away from the ball if it comes towards me out of nowhere - and we all know that the mark of a good defence player is someone who's afraid of the ball.
But, seriously.
Goal Defence?
Jacki? Jacki Trew? Jacki Trew trying to play Goal Defence?
Um, yeah, it was a total disaster.
My team laughed at me.
The other team laughed at me.
I laughed at me.
Then the umpire pulled me up for 'intimidation' because I was laughing at myself trying to defend. Um, what? I fail to see how me mocking myself could possibly affect the other team. I mean, apart from the fact that I have a pretty insane laugh.
Hmm...on second thoughts, that umpire was probably right.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention the other way I embarassed myself tonight! So as I was driving into the carpark at Willoughby Leisure Centre, I saw Madi getting out of her car, and she just happened to have a free spot next to her. So I drove over, ready to show her my super-wicked parking skills. This is how it went:

Jacki: (Getting out of the car) How good is my parking!
Madi: Dude, you're on two spaces
(I look down and realise I've parked the car right in the middle of two separate car spaces)
Jacki: Huh
Madi: And...I think the car is still moving!
Jacki: What? No it's not. (The car is slowly rolling towards me) Oh, yes it is!
(Here I actually tried to push the car back into place. With my hands. What? Yes - I'm an idiot!)
Mum: Jacki, you forgot to put the break on. You moron!

Hahaha. I can't wait til my driving test - even if I don't pass, at least I'll give the instructor a laugh.

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