Monday, June 15, 2009

So I finally decided I needed to counteract all the sugar I've eaten today, and went in search of something savoury to eat. The only trouble was, it was almost midnight and the only respectable cook in this house (ie Mum) is asleep.
Well, whatever, right? I've fended for myself on several occasions. And it's only ended in disaster once or twice. Anyway, I found something on a plate in the fridge that smelled vaguely like chicken, so I smothered it in tomato sauce and ate half of it, and now I feel kind of sick and I'm only just starting to wonder if it might have been dog food.
I'm hoping no.
It probably wasn't. I mean, why would the dog food have been in the fridge? That would be weird, right? Then again, there have been weirder things than dog food in our fridge - I found two Meningoccocal injection syringes in there once.

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